St. Jude Library

Welcome to St. Jude Library.

St. Jude Library was officially inaugurated on our Feast Day October 27, 2013. The library is hosted at St. Jude Rectory 5134 # D Brittany Elyse Circle, Centreville, VA 20120. The library at present hosts over 200 resources varying from books, DVD’s to audio CD’s both in Malayalam and English. Through this small, we intend to equip members of our community with a good Catholic resource to assist them in their efforts to grow as a well-informed Catholic.

How to Use the Library

All resources in the library are accessible only to members of St. Jude community. Members of the community may borrow up to 3 books and 1 DVD/CD from the library at any given time.

  • In order to borrow the same, please access the excel sheet
  • Check if the material is available.
  • If the material you intend to borrow is available; please send an email to indicating that you want to reserve the material.
  • Upon receipt of the email, the library team will reserve the book for you. Every book reserved will be held till the following Sunday at its physical location,
    if you fail to pick up your book, the book will be released from hold and made available to the next person who requests it.
  • Each book borrowed should be returned within 3 weeks and each DVD/CD borrowed should be returned within 2 weeks from the date the item is checked out.

How to Contribute

Community members can contribute resources to the library in either of the two ways described below:

    • Resource Bank: Members can contribute catholic resources either books, DVD’s, audio CD’s etc., for a defined period of time of their choice for use by our community members. At the end of this period, the material will be returned back to the generous parishioner.
    • Donations: Members can also contribute by either purchasing resources or donating cash for buying these resources.

If you have any suggestions please do send them to St Jude Library:

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